Carrie Lane Supportive Housing

Carrie Lane Supportive Housing

Woodford Homes helps low-income persons with mental health, intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities live as independently as possible by providing safe, affordable, quality housing options.

Carrie Lane is a 20-unit permanent supportive housing apartment complex.

Each apartment is approximately 525-square-feet with a full kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The building has an area for group activities and common space with offices, laundry and a lounge, as well as an outdoor patio area.


Woodford Homes

Completion Date



Main Hallway
Tankless water heaters
Fire sprinkler backflow, valves, alarms
Standard unit, kitchen and living room
Standard unit, looking toward bedroom and bath
Standard unit, looking toward kitchen
Standard unit, bathroom
Handicap accessible unit
Handicap accessible unit kitchen
Handicap accessible unit bathroom
Outdoor area
Office area