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Municipal construction projects rely on taxpayer money, so finding a top-quality contractor is essential to ensure completion of the project to the highest possible quality. Government leaders looking for reliable, high-quality municipal contracting services can trust our team at Building Systems of Illinois, Inc.

Our commercial construction company proudly provides municipal contracting services to government projects in Decatur, IL, and surrounding areas. We've been serving the Central IL area since 1995, so you can feel confident in our experience and ability to provide reliable contracting services and a smooth construction process.

What Does a Municipal Contractor Do?

Municipal contracting companies like Building Systems of Illinois provide contracting services for government renovation and construction projects. Municipal projects create new fire departments, police stations, libraries, public works facilities, and other spaces that benefit the local community. We contractors must complete these projects to the highest levels of quality and safety, and as municipal contractors, we understand how to ensure that happens.

Municipal contractors work with local, state, and federal governments to complete functional buildings and other public spaces while remaining on time and on budget and adhering to safety and industry standards. We handle a range of project types, from short painting and landscaping projects to complex renovations and new constructions.

Municipal Contracting Services in Central Illinois

Our experienced team provides various municipal contracting services, including remodels and renovations. Outdated government buildings can gain improved functionality and appearance through remodeling and renovation projects. As an experienced municipal contractor, our team at Building Systems of Illinois can manage any renovation project, from electrical or plumbing upgrades to whole-building renovations.

We also provide design-build construction services, providing government projects with one point of contact for the design and construction phases. Our team can manage every project stage, from planning, development, and design through post-construction. We use our experience to define clear project goals that meet the needs of each client.

We can complete remodeling and construction projects for a wide variety of municipal spaces, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Community centers
  • Libraries
  • Police stations
  • Fire stations
  • Public works facilities
  • Courthouses
  • Parks and gardens
  • Recreational spaces
  • Government buildings

As a long-standing municipal construction company in Central IL, our team at Building Systems of Illinois understands local codes and regulations and our area's particular government construction requirements. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete municipal construction projects accurately and on time. We work as a team with government clients to provide transparent, hassle-free, and high-quality contracting services.

Let Us at Building Systems of Illinois Handle Your Municipal Project

Our experienced team at Building Systems of Illinois can provide the municipal contracting services you need for a successful renovation or construction project. Our team will work with you every step of the way, providing responsive and consistent communication and maintaining the professionalism you expect from an experienced contracting company.

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