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Managing a commercial construction project takes more than just time and commitment: The most successful projects take advantage of the experience and knowledge of construction management companies like our team at Building Systems of Illinois, Inc.

We provide construction management services for commercial projects throughout Decatur, IL, and surrounding areas. We've managed renovation and construction projects for commercial clients since 1995, so you can feel confident that we have the expertise to handle your project from the design phase through post-construction.

Construction Project Management in Central IL

At Building Systems of Illinois, we’ve managed a wide variety of construction projects, including restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, and more. We understand every facet of commercial construction management, from drawing plans and creating the project schedule to managing many subcontractors simultaneously for an efficient construction process.

What Does a Commercial Construction Management Company Do?

A construction project manager handles everything that goes into planning and managing a successful project. We review and negotiate contracts, estimate and evaluate costs, schedule construction, resolve disputes, and much more. Design-bid-build, design-build, and other project delivery methods benefit from construction management performed by an experienced company.

At Building Systems of Illinois, we have the experience and expertise to manage commercial construction projects of any size. We've managed commercial projects throughout Central IL for more than 25 years.

Construction Management Services

At Building Systems of Illinois, we take pride in offering expert knowledge of construction and providing top-quality construction management services based on decades of experience. We handle the control and management of commercial construction projects throughout the entire process:

  • During the project planning and development stage, we can assist in selecting a site, assist in conducting soil studies and boundary surveys, determine a budget, estimate costs, and more.
  • Our team can design small and large projects and create building plans and schematics for high-quality and cost-effective structures.
  • During pre-construction, we procure all needed permits, assemble field teams, select subcontractors, gather materials, and otherwise prepare to break ground.
  • We manage the construction stage using efficient subcontractor scheduling techniques. Our experienced team expertly balances staying on budget with ensuring build accuracy and adherence to industry-standard construction methods.
  • During the post-construction phase, we conduct inspections and walk-throughs to identify and resolve any issues and prepare the site to open.

Our expert team at Building Systems of Illinois understands how to manage any commercial or municipal construction project. We've completed projects across industries, including industrial, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, government, and more.  

Trust Your Construction Project to Us at Building Systems of Illinois

Whether you want to renovate an office building or build a new manufacturing facility, you can trust our knowledgeable team. Building Systems of Illinois provides leading construction management and general contracting services for commercial construction projects in the Central IL area. Get in touch to learn more about our comprehensive services and how we can help with your project.

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