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The construction industry has embraced design-build in recent decades. Whether renovating a restaurant or building a new commercial office space, you can benefit from design-build services from a reputable company like Building Systems of Illinois, Inc. Our team manages the design and construction of municipal and commercial buildings in Decatur, IL, and surrounding areas.

Our company has been providing construction services to Central Illinois communities since 1995. We've earned a reputation as a knowledgeable team that manages high-quality and cost-effective commercial construction projects.

What Is Design-Build Project Delivery?

The traditional construction project delivery method separates the design and construction phases, leaving building owners with two or more points of contact to manage. The design-build method is a collaborative construction process where one point of contact handles a project's design and construction stages. Our team includes experts in design and construction, and we offer both design and build services.

Benefits of the Design-Build Method

Design-build project delivery offers many benefits, including the following:

  • Project efficiency: Because owners work with a single team under one contract, design-build projects often include shorter timeframes.
  • Better communication: Designers and builders work together as a single team rather than blaming each other for project hiccups. Design-build teams often communicate more effectively with owners, providing transparency and ensuring the project follows the owner's vision.
  • Innovative solutions: Better collaboration means more opportunities for innovation and creative problem-solving. The job at hand is the design-build team's priority.
  • Lower costs: Construction projects completed with design-build services tend to cost less than traditional projects with lower real and opportunity costs.

Some building owners fear losing control of the project if they hire a design-build firm, but the opposite is true. Owners communicate more effectively within this project delivery model because they only have one point of contact who handles everything.

Design-Build Services in Central Illinois

At Building Systems of Illinois, we provide design-build services for commercial construction projects. Our designers, engineers, and other team members work as a single unit to design accurate and functional buildings and manage smooth, efficient constructions. We use decades of experience and expert industry knowledge to drive project success, forming innovative solutions that best suit each project.

We provide cost-effective design and construction services that continually evaluate costs and create solutions to keep the project on budget and on track. Let our construction management company handle your commercial project, and we'll provide a smooth and affordable design and build process.

Trust Our Design-Build Team With Your Construction Project

At Building Systems of Illinois, we’re a family-owned company that provides flexible design-build services suitable for any municipal or commercial project. We have completed many high-quality renovation and construction projects for churches, assisted living facilities, restaurants, commercial offices, industrial buildings, and more. You can trust our experienced team to manage your design-build project.

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