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Installing pre-engineered metal buildings on your commercial property allows greater flexibility in your budget and site plan. Additionally, you can customize your steel building construction to suit your needs during the design phase, including size, color, finishes, doors, and windows.

At Building Systems of Illinois, we can help you determine whether a metal building construction plan suits your business needs, no matter what industry you serve. Metal buildings offer several material options, including steel and aluminum.

Types of Businesses That Should Consider Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pre-fab metal buildings are extremely versatile, and a custom metal building design can accommodate many different types of businesses, including:

  • Farms and agricultural processing facilities
  • Industrial storage and fabrication facilities
  • Warehouse and other storage facilities
  • Retail stores and restaurants
  • Airplane hangars
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Livestock and horse barns
  • Mechanic bays
  • Firehouses

Benefits of Using PEMBs

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer several benefits over traditional construction. We can help you plan the installation of steel building systems that are affordable, resilient, and fully customizable. What are the key benefits of choosing a metal building?

Cost Effectiveness

Metal building manufacturers can keep costs low for the construction materials needed to build metal frames, walls, and roofs. Contractors planning and installing a steel building construction project can also save on labor, as the metal roof and wall panels often snap into place quickly and easily. Maintenance typically only requires the occasional power wash and some touch-up paint.


Unlike wood that rots or drywall and plaster that are susceptible to damage from environmental factors, metal buildings are extremely resistant to weathering and have a much longer lifespan than many other commercial building materials.

Quick Construction

Assembling a custom metal building design typically requires less work than traditional construction methods. The walls and roof often include panels that easily snap together and screw into place.

Customization Options

Metal buildings offer many ways to customize your building as an office space, gym facility, hangar, warehouse, or any of several other options to maximize your operations.


Galvanized steel, aluminum, and other metal materials are naturally corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. Additionally, metal is recyclable, making a metal building more eco-friendly than traditional building materials.

Comparison With Other Construction Methods

How does metal building construction compare to other traditional construction methods?

Wood Construction

Wood and wood-frame buildings are susceptible to rot, mold, fire, and pests and need more support beams. Metal is much stronger, requiring fewer posts or columns for wider spans.

Concrete Construction

Concrete is expensive to haul, and trucks must keep the mixer running so the concrete doesn’t seize. Concrete construction also requires long lead times.

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